One Night Stand Candidates

You may sometimes ask yourself: Is there a way that I can tell if a girl is down for a one night stand before I actually try to take her home? The answer is a resounding yes. When you go back and look at your one night stands, you will see that almost every single girl did this right from the very start of the interaction. You don't need to waste your time thinking about and over-analyzing any of the other IOI's (indicators of interest). You only need to pay attention to one.

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For a second, think about what you will do with a girl you're talking to that you really, really, really like? Done? Good. If you think about your interactions, especially before you found the seduction community, you probably will remember that you smiled from ear to ear for almost the entire time you were talking to the girl. That is exactly why women tend to fall for men that smile very little, as they appear disinterested (aka mysterious).

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What women may or may not realize, is that they do the same exact thing when they are really into a guy. From the very beginning of the interaction, they start smiling from ear to ear. And I'm not talking about smiling because the guy is trying to be funny. I'm talking about smiling just to be smiling, even if doing nothing more than taking part in small talk with a guy.

Some women even manipulate this. When they are trying to broadcast their extreme interest in a guy, they know to keep smiling. This doesn't guarantee sex, however, it does guarantee that said woman is really, really, really into you. Next to a woman flat out grabbing your dick or telling you that she wants to fuck you, this is the best indicator of your chances of pulling off a one night stand.

This works with all kinds of women. It even works with the shy girl that doesn't say much, is afraid to ask you questions, and afraid to look you directly in your eyes or touch you. A woman smiles non-stop when she is really, really, really into a guy, reguardless of if she is shy, extroverted, or whatever. If you approach a girl, and she is just smiling non-stop over the course of your interaction, even when you aren't being funny, then you have yourself a VERY good one night stand candidate. A non-stop smile is the biggest indicator of interest you can get, reguardless of a girl's personality.


This may sound like common sense, and it is, but how many of you have had a girl smiling non-stop and asked for a phone number instead of trying to take her home? How many of you have kept trying to "plow" to take a girl home when she wasn't smiling non-stop? How many of you have suggested taking a girl home when she wasn't smiling non-stop? How many of you over-analyzed and looked for all kinds of different IOI's to gauge a woman's interest in you?

What I am trying to get you to do, is simply pay attention to that one indicator of interest and nothing else. If she is smiling non-stop, then she is not just interested in you, but there's a very good chance that she is so into you that she will be willing to go home with you. If she is not smiling non-stop then there is little to no chance that you're going to take her home. She might like you and be willing to go on a date with you, but she's not coming home with you. When a woman is really, really, ridiculously into you, she simply will not be able to stop smiling.