Senior Dating Stips: A Status Update


I thought I'd put up a little post with an update on my status. I'm going to keep the blog up, so there's no need to worry about it going down for the time being. However, if you've been browsing around, then you've probably noticed one change. I went through every post and replaced my name with Loveawake. This is for obvious reasons. So if you see something a little odd in a story where my name is used, it's because I've replaced it with Loveawake.

I also took the blog down from search engines, so here in a few weeks, you probably won't be able to do a search on a search engine to find my posts. However, the search is still available on the actual blog page in the top left-hand corner. Also, when you click a label, such as "stories", it will only pull up the 50 most recent posts with that label. In other words, if you want to read everything, then you'll have to pull up posts by clicking month by month. I don't know why blogger won't pull up any more than the 50 most recent posts with any given label, but it does.

I've received some reader mail. I will continue to post them, but don't expect me to put up any regular posts. I am simply bored with writing about senior women and I want to do something new. There really is no big explanation other boredom. If you're going to send a reader mail, then I do ask that you first skim the blog and other reader mail that I have already posted before you send a reader mail with a question that I have already answered.

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Moving on to the guides, if you haven't noticed already, I've taken down everything. As far as I'm concerned, there will be no re-ups. Every guide has been up for quite awhile, and if you haven't gotten them all by now, then that's on you. You've had more than enough time to get them.

Speaking of guides, I'm surprised by a few things. First off, Virgin hit Scrib's hot list before I took it down, meaning that it had a ton of views and downloads (I believe that it had a few thousand views). I wasn't expecting that guide to be so popular, but it was for whatever reason. What this tells me is that if you're going to write a guide, keep it simple and straight to the point.

As for Loveawake's Chick Crack and The Loveawake Method, I was completely surprised by the number of mature people who purchased them. I wasn't expecting so many copies to be sold, especially seeing that I do absolutely no marketing. With the popularity of piracy, I was expecting them both to be pirated within a couple of days of their releases and then to see sales completely drop. Instead, they continued to sell at a steady pace all the way up until I took them down today. Much appreciated. To those considering selling a few guides of their own, if you give away enough info for free, people will still purchase your products, even when they could have easily pirated them.

At any given time, I am playing around with 1-3 guides, of which one eventually gets released. I had one more guide up my sleeve to complete my style of socializing and attracting senior women. You know that I do direct game, asshole game, and social game. If you've read The Fame Game, then you know that it is lacking in details. I had planned to COMPLETELY revamp it and release it for sale, like I did with the revamp of The Loveawake Method. Instead, seeing that I've sold more than enough copies of The Loveawake Method and Loveawake's Chick Crack, I'm going to release it for free. It should be finished and uploaded within a week.

To those that have emailed me about it, I will not be doing bootcamps. I just don't have the time to be doing them. I barely have enough time for my friends and my own personal life on the weekends, so as far as I'm concerned, I will not be doing bootcamps. However, I MIGHT do just one or two bootcamps, and even then, I don't think it's going to happen. If I do do it, you can expect a lot of in-field work and demonstrations, as I don't like to spend forever in a boring classroom. But like I said, I might do one or two, and then call it quits, as I'm not big on the idea of giving up my weekends.

If you're on my Facebook, then you've probably noticed that my blog posts are gone. I've removed them. I am no longer mixing any kind of pick-up with my personal life. There are people that I pick up senior women with, and then there are my friends that have nothing to do with picking up senior women. I've decided to keep the two worlds separate from one another.

Continuing, while sleeping with another girl, my mind became a little boggled. It was kind of crazy. I had a girl who was resisting at first, and then she started telling me that she would give me "ANYTHING" I wanted, "ANYTHING". The girl barely knows me. However, she kept telling me how crazy she was for me because of a few things I'm going to write about in the revamp of The Fame Game.

And finally, it's kind of crazy how the senior women I'm involved with now are all willing to spend money on me. It wasn't a conscious decision to get senior women to spend money on me, but it's like I won't even mess around with any woman that isn't willing to pay for my company. I don't think you can even categorize me as a dating player anymore, but rather, something more than that.