Moment of Clarity

woman lying on bed
Party's over, it's Steak 'N Shake time. I arrive, along with Johnson, Hollywood, Big Country, and Havoc...

Hollywood: "Damn! Did you see those two fucking hot girls that just walked in!?"

God, they are so fucking hot. Not regular hot, or fucking hot, but so fucking hot. Both of these women look like porn stars.

The place is packed, both upstairs and down. They split us up into two groups. I'm seated with Hollywood and Johnson. Two minutes later, the Milf Twins are seated right across the walk way. Perfect...

Random Guy: "Hey, white girls!!"

Is that all he has? I may be extremely shy, but I know that I can do better than that. Guys keep yelling cheesy pick-up lines at the two of them, and just about every penis in that place is staring them down.

At this point, I have very little game, so I decide that if I approach, I'll keep it simple. Nothing cocky. Nothing funny. Nothing assholish.

Johnson and Hollywood: "You won't talk to them. Do it, do it."

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Fuck it. I'll do it. This is where legends are born. This is how threesomes happen. This is how you pull the hot ones. Balls, my friend. Big, giant, "I don't give a fuck about the outcome" balls. I get up, and then I feel something hit the floor. My big, giant, "I don't give a fuck about the outcome" balls have just dropped.

Keep it simple. Walk over...

Me: "Hey, how are you two doing tonight?"

They pause to look at me. Every single male eye in the restaurant is on me. I stand there for about two seconds. All of a sudden, every guy in that place bursts out laughing. Oh god, this is the worse feeling ever. I turn around to walk off, while I'm being laughed at...but wait...

Milf Twins: "Hey, don't leave! Come sit with us!"

Silence. I know what every guy is thinking, they can't believe that I just pulled that off. We talk for a few minutes about how they were tired of guys staring them down like creeps, and using the same pick up lines that they've heard a million times. They just keep on talking, but then I excuse myself out of my own shyness, and not knowing where to go from there. They smile and say goodbye.

I walk back over to my table...

Me: "I know you guys saw that shit! You liked that, didn't you!"


I'm no longer shy, but that was the very moment I stopped giving a fuck about what other people think/have to say about me. If this had occurred again today, I would have approached them with no doubt in my mind about succeeding, bounced them to a bar, and then back to my place to try and pull off a threesome.